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How to find employment in Canada

The Canadian government plans to admit 1.5 million new permanent residents by 2025. A driving factor driving this ambitious goal is to fill the job vacancies characterized by an already aging Canadian labour force. One of the most efficient ways to immigrate to Canada is through a valid job offer from a Canadian employer. However, many immigrants struggle to find employment from overseas.

Here are a few tips to find a job in Canada:

1.Visit Canadas job bank

You can search for Canadian jobs on the Canadian government’s Job Bank website that is easily accessible. You can search by job title, geographic location or through the name of a specific employer. A job seeker can upload a resume once they have found something that you are interested in.

2.Friends or Family in Canada

If you have a family member or a friend that lives in Canada it always helps to see if they can help you find a job. For instance, a foreign job seeker it is always good to ask a contact in Canada if they know of any Canadian employers who are looking to hire new talent. Having someone on the “inside” can give you a competitive edge.

3.Networking Online (LinkedIn)

Networking online through LinkedIn is a convenient way for many job seekers to secure job in Canada. Ensuring that you have an active LinkedIn account and that it is updated with your education and work experience is critical. A job seeker should be forward and reach out directly to employers. Don’t be shy to start a conversation with a Canadian employer. Remember, Canadian’s are friendly people and would be more than willing to speak to you!

4.Email Companies in Canada Directly

Being direct can only help; you have nothing to lose. Research the kind of work you want and the various companies offering this type of work in Canada. From there you should email the company and include your achievements, education and work experience followed by an attachment with your resume. Most importantly, you must demonstrate how you can help the Canadian company succeed. Be sure to send a follow up email if you do not receive a response, this will show enthusiasm and eagerness.



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