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Innovators from South Africa have over a 90% success rate when applying to Canada’s Start-Up Visa program. Since this permanent resident program was officially launched in 2015 the government has received over 3,300 applications, however, the overall acceptance

Recently published immigration data from Statistics Canada shows that the rate of South Africans entering Canada is accelerating, says Nicholas Avramis, immigration consultant with Beaver Immigration Consulting, based in Johannesburg. Between 2015 and 2020 over 25,000 South

The Start-Up Visa is Canada’s premier immigration program for entrepreneurs and business innovators. The program is designed to quickly bring immigrants to Canada, as permanent residents, who have the skills to build an innovative enterprise, employ Canadians and

South Africans are losing large sums of money to immigration fraudsters offering jobs in Canada. This is according to Canadian Immigration firm, Beaver Immigration Consulting. Read More

Nicholas Avramis MD at Beaver Immigration Consulting says if you are over 35-years-old, your immigration chances are slim. According to immigration experts, there has been a wave of South Africans looking to relocate to Canada, especially farmers


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