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Canada's Growing Interest in South Africa's Doctors Amid Uncertainty Over NHI In recent times, Canada's healthcare industry has shown a significant interest in recruiting skilled medical professionals from South Africa. This surge in interest comes as a

The Canadian government plans to admit 1.5 million new permanent residents by 2025. A driving factor driving this ambitious goal is to fill the job vacancies characterized by an already aging Canadian labour force. One of the

Share: Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn If you are a Canadian citizenship or permanent resident you can sponsor your spouse or common law partner, or parents to enter Canada.The Canadian government has always promoted the reunifications of families.

My Canadian study visa was refused by IRCC. IRCC received 555,714 new student visa applications from 212 countries in 2021. According to the May 2022 Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration Report, 40% of Canadian study permit

Why more South Africans are moving to this country to study Immigration consultant Nicholas Avramis says students from South Africa are increasingly looking at a move to Canada to continue their education.He cited a recent study that


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