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Canada Has Some of the Most Positive Global Influence

Canada Has Some of the Most Positive Global Influence


Many people live their lives stressed and concerned about their own, and their loved ones’, safety – a survivalist life. Survival is their main concern, and living a life that is happy, fulfilling and peaceful is simply a dream.

Things are different in Canada. Canada’s society is one where residents are safe, and the infrastructure and state-provided facilities are some of the best in the world. Canada is a country with endless opportunities, with one of the most respected governments in the world.

Canada has recently been ranked at the top of the list of “countries and organizations that have a positive influence on world affairs today,” according to an international poll, whereby 81% of respondents put Canada at the top of the list.

Canada has the third best basic education system, according to the latest study conducted by the US News & World report, which included 80 countries. According to the report, Canada also has the highest proportion of people who continued into higher education. In Canada, 64% of women continue into higher education, taking the top spot for females enrolled, compared to 50% of men, which took the third spot.

Canada is also known for its remarkably high quality of life. In fact, earlier this year, Canada took the number one spot in the World Quality of Life rankings for the fourth year in a row.