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In 2021 Immigration Refugee & Citizen Canada (IRCC) received 555,714 applications for new study visas from 212 different countries. Based on data from the Report of the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration, May 2022, the overall

Every year Canada receives thousands of application for its Start-Up Visa program (SUV). The program was established in 2015 to attract aspiring entrepreneurs from across the world who have an innovative idea that can create jobs and scale up

There are over 700,000 foreign students currently studying in Canada, at a college or university level school. As one of the best ways to embark on a path toward Canadian citizenship, studying in Canada has become a

WHY STUDY IN CANADA - TAKE THE LEAP - GO CANADA!   Are you thinking of going overseas to study?  This is a big decision and we are sure you have so many questions running through your

WHAT SHOULD I STUDY IN CANADA?   Which programs give students the best chance of success of finding a job after graduation With more students heading to Canada for studies, , the question students are asking themselves