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Immigration consultant Nicholas Avramis says students from South Africa are increasingly looking at a move to Canada to continue their education. He cited a recent study that indicates a 70% spike in local students heading to Canada

Immigration consultant Nicholas Avramis says Canada offers a three-year open work permit to foreign students once they graduate This allows one to work in Canada for a year and then apply for permanent residency Canada has a

The federal government aims to welcome nearly 432,000 immigrants to Canada this year, as a part of a three-year plan to fill critical labour-market gaps and support a post-pandemic economic recovery. The annual immigration levels plan, tabled

Up to the middle of 2021, Beaver Canadian Immigration Consultants, a specialist in moves from South Africa to Canada, had a fairly predictable mix of clients: roughly half white, about 40% black, and the remaining 10% or so

À 30 ans, Tshepiso Mogapi est concepteur de logiciels informatiques. Il a déjà commencé à regarder des offres d’emploi à l’étranger et rêve de pouvoir s’établir au Royaume-Uni ou en Irlande d’ici à deux ans. « J’ai différentes raisons,