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19-20 FEBRUARY 2022 The Emigration Expo
The Emigration Expo



Where: Sandton, JHB, The Capital On The Park

Date: 19-20 FEBRUARY 2022

Time: 09:00

Registration link: theemigrationexpo


Everything emigration in one place, The Emigration Expo brings you a world of opportunities.

Offering entrepreneurs, students, job seekers and anyone else looking to live abroad a comprehensive range of options, services and products pertaining to living, working, studying and investing in other parts of the world,

The Emigration Expo is a must for anyone planning to move abroad temporarily or permanently.

23 FEBRUARY 2022 Webinar - Canadian Business Immigration
Webinar - Canadian Business Immigration



Where: Microsoft Teams

Date: 23 FEBRUARY 2022

Time: 18:00

Registration link: Microsoft teams link


Canadian Business Immigration

Learn from three Canadian experts on how to move your business and family to Canada through one of Canada’s business immigration programs.

This free webinar will provide South African business owners and entrepreneurs an overview of Canada’s:

  • Provincial investor programs;
  • Start-Up Visa program;
  • Intra-company transfer (ICT) rules.

Topics covered:

  • What are the investment requirements and costs?
  • How long does the immigration process take?
  • What are the advantages of doing business in Canada?
  • What support is available to entrepreneurs?
  • Can I take my family with me?
  • What is a Canadian business incubator?
  • What financing options are available to immigrant investors?
  • Am I eligible for business immigration?  
24 FEBRUARY 2022 Study in Canada - Free Webinar
Study in Canada - Free Webinar



Where: Microsoft Teams

Date: 24 FEBRUARY 2022

Time: 18:00

Registration link: Microsoft teams link


Study Visa
An alternative path towards citizenship

Study in Canada is a popular way to become a Canadian citizen. South Africans of all ages (18-39) typically apply to a one-year certificate or a two-year diploma program.

Canada rewards international students with a three-year open work permit after graduation.

After working in Canada for one-year, you can apply for PR through the Canadian Experience Class Visa.

Topics Covered:

* What jobs are in demand in Canada

* Which schools are popular to attend.

* The cost of study in Canada.

* How to apply for a study visa and an
open work permit.

* Why so many foreign students study in
Canada: Citizenship!

Who should attend the event?

* Parent and High school students who
want to attend varsity in Canada

* Individuals who wish to pursue their
Masters and PhD

* Mature students in their 30s looking to
use study as a way to immigrate to

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