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With over 700,000 international students currently studying in Canada today, Canada is one of the most sought-after destinations for international students. Canada issues over 200,000 study permits every year. Studying in Canada leads to Citizenship!

Unlike other countries, Canada allows foreign students to apply for an open work permit right after their program is complete. Known as the Post-Graduation Work Program (PGWP), this open work permit allows foreign students to work in any job throughout the country for up to three years. Studying and working in Canada allows students to gain points in the Express Entry system so they can eventually apply for Canadian permanent residency and citizenship.

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How we help students

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From student to citizen, we will be with you every step of the way.

There are over 1,500 colleges and universities for students to choose from. With over 10,000 academic programs available to students, you can apply to a certificate program, diploma, undergraduate or postgraduate degree, such as a Masters. Beaver Immigration will help students find the right Canadian university or college for you and will apply for study permit on your behalf. This is all part of our professional service offering that includes student placement in Canada and a tailored made immigration strategy for each student and their family.

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By completing this form Beaver Immigration will assess your eligibility for Canadian immigration and provide you with various visa options. If you are eligible for one of Canada’s visa programs a representative will contact you directly.​

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During your paid consultation you will learn more about: The Canadian study experience. The merits of studying in a college or university. How the application process works. Learn more about the Canadian immigration system.

Getting started

The School Placement Process for Canada

Beaver follows a step-by-step process to ensure that you are accepted to a Canadian school.

We have a 100% success rate with placing students in a school.


As part of the consultation process Beaver will confirm your: i) area of study interest; ii) budget for tuition; iii) choice of geographic location (Canada is a big place). Learn More


Starting a new life in Canada is a big deal. Lots of planning and documents collection will be needed to prepare a solid application. Beaver immigration is here to manage the process for you. Learn More


After receiving all your documents Beaver will apply to schools of on your behalf. We always recommend that you apply to a minimum of three Canadian schools. Once you are accepted we will notify you.


To obtain your official Letter of Acceptance you will need to place a small deposit with the school to ensure your spot in a Canadian school is reserved.


Once you have a Letter of Acceptance from a Canadian college or university Beaver Immigration will apply to the local Canadian visa post for your study permit and travel visa. If any of your family members will be accompanying you to Canada – parents, spouse or children – we will make a joint application.


Beaver Immigration will notify you once your study permit is approved. We will also you ensure you have all the required documents to pass through one of Canada’s ports of entry. You are on your way… Go Canada!

Getting started

School Placement & Visa Checklist

Beaver follows a step-by-step process to ensure that you are accepted to a Canadian school.

We have a 100% success rate with placing students in a school.

#1 Passport

Ensure your Passport is valid If you are in a country other than your country of origin you must ensure your visa is still valid

#2 Financial Documents

You or your financial sponsor will need to provide six months of financial statements to show you can support your stay in Canada

#3 Transcripts

You will need the transcripts from all previous education experiences If you are still in school, you can use your marks from the previous year

#4 Study Plan

Beaver will help draft your motivation to study in Canada We will work with you to explain your career plans after you graduate

#5 Detailed Resume

A CV or resume will need to be submitted to any of the schools that you apply to We will ensure this is to the Canadian format

#6 Reference Letters

Most schools in Canada request two reference letters from students You can include one from a teacher, parent, family member, employer, work colleague, community member or faith -based leader.

Study In Canada


2 students studying at table smiling

This visa type allows individuals to study at what the government deems to be a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) with the option to either study full-time or part-time. In most cases, students can work part-time during the school term and full-time in between school terms.

In order to be eligible for a Canadian study visa, an applicant must first be accepted into a Canadian DLI. From there, the applicant must apply for a Canadian study visa. 

Family selfie

Under a Canadian Study Permit, the applicant’s family members, including a spouse or common-law partner, can also accompany them to Canada.

The spouse or common-law partner will be issued an open work permit and may work full-time for any Canadian employer. This also extends to all dependent children of the study visa holder. 

Graduates taking a group photo

International students who complete post-secondary education in Canada can apply for a Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP). This work permit is essentially an “open” work permit that allows you to work in any job without restrictions.

An LMIA or a confirmation of job offer are not needed to apply for a Post Graduate Work Permit.

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