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Whether you are a business owner, skilled worker or a student, booking a consultation with Beaver Canadian Immigration Consultants is an important first step toward immigrating to Canada.
You will benefit from having a licensed Canadian immigration professional work with you to develop a customized immigration strategy to legally enter Canada. The consultation process begins with you being granted access to our private online portal that will allow Beaver Canadian Immigration Consultants to calculate your Comprehensive Ranking Score for Express Entry and to evaluate which provinces may be in demand for your skills. After you have finished entering all of your core human factors attributes – age, work experience, and education credentials – Beaver Immigration will present you with a customized presentation (online or in person) that will:



  • Introduce you to the Canadian experience;
  • Provide you with a step-by-step overview of how Canada’s immigration system works;
  • Analyse your Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS) points for both the Federal Skills Worker Program and Express Entry system;
  • Describe and evaluate all the available immigration options available to you and or family;
  • Recommend the best path forward to obtain Permanent Residency and or Canadian citizenship;
  • Discuss the costs associated with immigrating to Canada;
  • Answer all your immigration related questions.



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