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Family Sponsorship

It has been said that family sponsorship applications are more of an “art” rather than a science in the Family Class. As a Canadian citizen or permanent resident or Canada, over the age of 18, you can sponsor a spouse, dependent child (under age 22), parent or grandparents an orphaned relative. In each of these cases it is important to collect as much evidence documenting the family relationship, especially in the case of a spousal or common-law relationship.


Beaver Canadian Immigration Consultants have experienced case workers that will sit down with clients to start gathering or “creating the picture” of a genuine relationship between the sponsor and applicant. First, Beaver Immigration will work with the sponsor to ensure they are eligible to sponsor the applicant. Second, we will work with the applicant to ensure their application for family sponsorship is complete. Family sponsorship is considered one of the most intensive and complex immigration classes in the Canadian immigration system. However, our experienced and dedicated case workers are here to help every step of the way.


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