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Study Visa and School Placement

With over 620,000 foreign students studying in Canada today, Canada is by far one of the most popular destinations for studies abroad. Study in Canada offers foreign students many benefits, including a direct path toward earning Canadian citizenship. There are hundreds of schools to choose from in Canada and thousands of programs to select from.


As a two-step process Beaver Canadian Immigration Consultants helps foreign students by:


Step 1 – Secure a letter of acceptance from a Canadian academic institution:

Clients will benefit from working with Beaver Immigration’s education placement specialist to secure a place of study in Canada. With so many programs available to foreign students starting the process can be overwhelming. However, we are her to help. We will take into consideration your areas of interest, geographic preference and budget for studies.


Step 2 – Apply for a Canadian study permit:

Once the client has been offered a place of study in Canada Beaver Immigration will manage the application process from end-to-end. Every Canadian visa post has different requirements that applicants need to fulfil. We will work with the client directly to collect all the required documents, fill out the government application forms and most importantly, prepare the client’s motivation letter.


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